5 Things You Should Know for 2017

This New Year set realistic goals as you examine the areas in your life you wish to improve. Don’t forsake the little things that mean the most to you. You know, watching your favorite shows with your family, using high speed internet to finish your degree, or talking to your elderly grandmother via a crystal clear telephone connection. Take advantage of the things that are right at your fingertips, and explore how Pioneer Communications, your local Internet & TV provider can improve your 2017 year!

Here are five things to know for 2017:

1. Life’s better when everything clicks. Every day is a new opportunity to connect with the people, information and entertainment that shape your world. That’s when Pioneer Communications delivers non-stop streaming, smoother gaming and faster online everything. Buffering is a bummer. When it comes to streaming Netflix, Pioneer Communications redefines high-speed internet all over again. In other words, Southwest Kansas- you’re welcome.
2. Welcome to Entertainment Central! More channels and movies, plus plenty of extras and premium options. That’s how we roll at Pioneer Communications so you can command your own personal cable TV entertainment experience. You’ll enjoy hundreds of channels, and smooth mobile streaming with Watch TV Everywhere. There’s a Pioneer cable package for everyone – and you can combine cable TV with Pioneer Internet and home phone to save even more.

3. There. Watch TV Everywhere! Watch your favorite programming on your terms – and best of all, Watch TV Everywhere is free with Pioneer cable TV! Watch TV Everywhere enables multi-screen viewing, so everyone can watch what they want at home or on the go – anywhere there’s an Internet connection. With many exciting streaming choices, there’s entertainment for all ages!

4. Keep Connected! When you want to make a call, Pioneer Communications is there. You can keep it simple with just local calling, or get all of the phone features we offer. While cell phones dominate our world, a good home phone is important as well. Trust that there’s always a connection to call out – for babysitters, children and the elderly.

5. Community, Connected! Community is our middle name! From scholarships to local events, to bandwidth- we value our customers and communities, and seek to support them in the many ways we can. Keep your eye out for us at events and on social media- there’s a good chance we’ll be giving some sweet prizes away!

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