4 Reasons You Should Invest in a Landline

landline phoneCell phones may have taken over much of our lives, but that hasn’t made landlines totally obsolete yet. In fact, there are many good, legitimate reasons to call your Internet service provider in southwest Kansas and add landline phone service to your current package. Here are just four great reasons to invest in a landline.


Landlines phones don’t rely on signals from cell phone towers the way your smartphone does. These phones instead run off of a cable or wire. This ultimately means you don’t have to worry about your call ever being dropped in the middle of a sentence or the signal getting too crowded with other callers. The only thing to dread is that busy signal—which you can still experience with a cell phone anyway.


One of the ways 911 services assist callers is by tracing the call. Landline phones are connected to specific addresses, so in case of an emergency, a 911 operator can quickly tell precisely where you’re calling from down to the apartment number in a multi-story complex. Cell phones use GPS signals to ping off of the cell towers and can only give a general location, which is fine when you’re traveling, but not so much when you’re at home and need help right away.


Thanks to the wired connection, landline phones enjoy clear call quality, which means you can more easily understand what the person on the other end is saying. There’s less of a chance of the call getting garbled or cutting out the same way a cell phone can in spotty areas.


Pioneer Communications offers low, flat-rate pricing for landline service. There aren’t any special add-ons you have to worry about and no increases in rate during peak calling times. In addition, you don’t have to stress about upgrading your equipment while using our service, and everyone in your home can enjoy the phone at no additional cost.

Cell phones have certainly made life convenient, but we’re happy to help you enjoy these benefits and more by investing in your own affordable landline phone.


February 11th, 2016|Categories: Audio|