Continuing Negotiation with AMC

Pioneer Communications is currently in negotiations with AMC Networks to keep channels active and rates low. In order to advocate on behalf of you, our valued customers, we need your help.
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What is the situation with AMC and their proposed rate increase?
AMC Networks has proposed an absurd 300% price increase from providers to air their programming. They are also requiring higher rates and the addition of some of their less popular channels such as BBC America, BBC World News, IFC, and Sundance TV. This can single handedly increase basic cable rates substantially.

What happens if cable providers refuse to pay the fees?
If an agreement between cable providers and AMC cannot be met prior to the end of their current contracts on 12/31/2015, then AMC may terminate programming. Which means the channels (AMC, IFC, We, BBC America, BBC World and Sundance) could go dark. This could be a temporary situation until a reasonable agreement can be reached, or permanent if reasonable terms cannot be negotiated.

Will I miss any episodes of the current Walking Dead season if an agreement is not reached by 12/31/2015?
The Walking Dead concluded November 29th. Therefore, no current episodes will be affected during this negotiation process.

What is Pioneer Communications doing?
Pioneer Communications is in active negotiations with AMC to try to come to an agreement that will allow us to keep AMC stations on the air at the lowest price possible. We will continue to advocate for our customers throughout the process and will be diligent in our efforts to keep rates from increasing.

Why not just pay what they are asking?
As your provider, we aim to deliver the best possible value for our customers. There are hundreds of channels, and carriage fees, which increase annually. Cable rates are skyrocketing at an exponential rate. Therefore, we advocate for our customers, and work towards negotiating agreements that provide viewers quality programming at the best rates possible.

Is this situation exclusive to the contract between Pioneer Communications and AMC?
Over 850 cable providers and 4 million+ subscribers are experiencing this increase demand from AMC Networks. This is not a situation that is exclusive to Pioneer Communications.

Is there another way to view the Walking Dead if an agreement is not reached?
Current episodes of the Walking Dead are available 1-3 days after original showing on Amazon Video, VUDU, HULU, Google Play, YouTube, and itunes for a nominal fee. Past seasons are available on services such as Netflix and Amazon Video.


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