2018 Cable Rate Letter

As a television service provider, Pioneer Communications is faced with the harsh reality of passing annual cable rate increases through to our customers. As a result of programming rate increases, the subscription rate for our Basic package will increase to $79.99 per month effective February 28, 2018. Pioneer Communications regrets the need for a rate [...]

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FAQ’s | Cable Rates

LET'S TALK ABOUT TV  Customers frequently ask about television channels and pricing structures – how they are built, why a la carte channel options are not available, and the underlying reasons behind rate increases. We would like to address and answer some of these commonly asked questions. Why do I have to pay for channels [...]

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5 Benefits of Having a Landline

Even though cell phones are practically everyone’s lifeline, having a good ole corded land line is still essential in your ever day living. Having a corded landline phone at home provides you with many benefits including consistently clearer voice quality than a cell phone. But did you ever stop to consider all of the little [...]

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KWCH Update – January 5, 2018

January 5, 2018–In a meeting late this afternoon, KWCH presented Pioneer Communications with what we perceive to be a fair and reasonable proposal. We have agreed to their proposal and KWCH (Channel 6/506), CW (Channel 5), and KWCH Weather (Channel 606) are back on the air. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We [...]

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KWCH Update

KWCH Update - We continue to work towards a fair and reasonable agreement with KWCH. We thank you for your support and feedback. As a non-profit cooperative, our goal is to protect the interests of the majority of our members. Our members have been very outspoken that they want cable rates increased as little as [...]

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KWCH Negotiations

As of 7pm, KWCH has discontinued allowing Pioneer Communications to carry their signal. Over the next 3 years, KWCH demanded a HUGE increase of 143% in price for Pioneer to carry their channel. We want to keep your bill as low as possible. By holding firm in our negotiations and taking a stand we are [...]

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Tips to make Social Media Safer for Kids

  You can’t deny that children are growing up consumed in Social Media, which can both be a positive and a negative. These days are all about connecting, whether you’re a child or an adult, keeping in contact with others, expressing yourself, playing games, or exploring opportunities within the internet interests everyone. On the other [...]

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The Open Internet & Pioneer Communications

The Open Internet & Pioneer Communications Over the past few months, you may have seen a number of news stories or social media posts about net neutrality and potential changes to how, and whether, the internet is regulated by the federal government.  The frequency of these messages has increased since the FCC voted to repeal [...]

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We Believe in Streaming

While cable and satellite TV packages offer you hundreds of diverse channels, they can also come with a price tag that might not be in your budget. Pioneer Communications works hard to provide affordable cable packages to our valued customers, however, we understand sometimes you can’t have it all. That’s why we take pride in [...]

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Break Free This Holiday with WatchTVEverywhere

  We all know that the Holiday seasons bring the best Christmas movies, the best TV specials, and the best settings to for family time. If you have Pioneer Communications cable packages your know you’re missing out as you travel across country and fill your calendar up with one too many parties. BUT! There’s good [...]

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