Have NO Scare When You See Scareware

Scareware is a shady form of malware that causes fraudulent warning messages to pop up on your computer screen. These messages will tell you something is wrong, or something bad is about to happen, and that you must take a specific actions to make it stop. For example, scareware may tell you your computer is [...]

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Troubleshooting Landlines

When your landline phones are not working correctly, Pioneer Communications recommends you try these tips to troubleshoot the problem: Make sure all of your phones are hung up. Unplug anything from the wall jack that is plugged into your phone line (telephones, answering machines, computers, etc.), so everything is unplugged at the same time. Get [...]

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Fall Sun Outages

  Fall Sun Outages: October 5-13 An astronomical phenomenon called sun outage disrupts cable TV service twice a year. You can expect sun outages from October 5-13, between 8 a.m and 5 p.m. For those of you who are interested in astronomy, solar outages occur around the spring and summer equinoxes. At these times, [...]

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Beware of Wi-Fi Pirates

Have you ever noticed a suspicious vehicle driving back and forth through your neighborhood, stopping every so often along the curb. No one gets out, and it finally comes to rest for 20 minutes outside one home. There could be a “Wi-Fi pirate” inside—a person who drives slowly through neighborhoods looking for unsecured access to [...]

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How to Delete Something Permanently From Your Computer

Do you have a file on your computer that you want to obliterate? Well, it's going to take a lot more than dragging and dropping it into the little trash can at the corner of your desktop. Your computer's trash bin only removes a file from your desktop. And even if you empty the trash bin, [...]

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Pioneer Communications Scam Alert

Pioneer Communications has received multiple reports of door-to-door salespeople throughout the area that are referencing Pioneer Communications or implying they are associated with our company. The reports we have received have varied from caller to caller. In one example in Lakin, there were 4 salespeople walking door-to-door that said they represented Pioneer Communications and wanted [...]

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Social Media Safety for Children

In Today’s day and age kids are growing up with social media, which can be both positive and negative. Social media for kids, as for adults, is a means for connecting with others, expressing yourself, game playing, and exploring new interests. But for kids, it can also be a source of bullying, ill-intentioned adults, and [...]

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E-mail Sent by Mistake

Hey Friends. We are working on a new online bill pay platform. As we were configuring it, we accidentally sent out an e-mail to a few of you stating your bill is available to view. This did come from us at Pioneer Communications, however, it was sent out by mistake and can be disregarded. Look [...]

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Landlines And All Its Glory

  When you want to make a call, Pioneer Communications is there. You can keep it simple with just a local calling, or get all of the phone features we offer, including unlimited long distance. Pioneer Communications offers you everything you need in a home phone. While cell phones dominate our world, a good home [...]

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When to Reboot Your Router and When to Replace It

It may seem simple, but one of the easiest ways to fix a wide variety of technical issues is to simply reboot (or restart) the device, including your router. This is because routers are like small computers that use memory, a processor, and an operating system. And like your desktop or laptop computer, routers also [...]

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