How to Choose the Best Internet Package for You

Family using new technology, overhead view

Family using new technology, overhead view


The Internet package that best suits your family depends on what you do online and how many devices you use. The more devices connected at one time to an Internet connection, the faster Internet speeds you’ll need. Find the profile below that closely resembles your family Internet use to help determine which Internet plan will best fit your needs.


1. Meet the Martins – The Occasional Internet Users
The Martins typically use only one device at a time. They enjoy getting on the computer from time-to-time to catch up with family via email and to find recipes on Pinterest. They also enable WiFi on their smartphones so they can reduce their cellular data while at home checking Facebook or listening to music on their Pandora app.

If your family is like the Martins you have few devices and casually browse the Internet or stream music—we recommend our 10Mbps value Internet plan.


2. Meet the Thompsons – The Moderate Internet Users
The Thompsons need a reliable Internet connection that fits in their modest budget. During the day while no one is home, there isn’t much Internet activity. However, the evening is a different story. After school the boys get on their tablets to finish up homework and chat online with friends. The teenage daughter can be found posting video blogs about the latest fashion trends. Occasionally, the entire family will gather around the TV to watch popular Netflix movies on their Roku.

If your family is like the Thompsons, you have several devices that are connected at the same time and your main Internet usage is browsing websites, watching videos, and chatting online—we recommend our 25Mbps basic Internet package


3. Meet the Johnsons – The Avid Internet Users
In the Johnson household multiple devices are connected to the Internet at the same time. Mr. Johnson can be found watching live TV on his tablet using WatchTVEverywhere while his son plays Call of Duty on XBOX Live. All the while, his daughter is streaming YouTube videos and FaceTime-ing her friends. Meanwhile, Mrs. Johnson uses alot of bandwidth working from home during the day. The Johnsons need bandwidth that will keep up with their streaming needs without causing a lot of buffering issues. Happy streaming = happy family.

If your family is like the Johnsons you use multiple devices to participate in high bandwidth activities like online video streaming and gaming—we recommend our 50Mbps enhanced Internet plan. The higher speed will allow each device to have a bigger “slice” of the available Internet bandwidth and reduce buffering issues.

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