Crystal Clear, Reliable Cable TV Service From Pioneer Communication

Everyone loves coming home to a relaxing evening of movies, news, drama, and other great TV programming. With so many channels available you can find something to suit everyone in the family. Pioneer Communication has long been a first choice in internet and phone service in SW Kansas but you may not know that we also offer cable TV. If you have hesitated over getting digital cable, wonder no more; there are several important advantages that this option has over satellite TV service.

Reliability In All Weather

Life in SW Kansas can be very windy and at some times of year the weather can be pretty unpredictable. Satellites in particular are vulnerable to weather conditions since they have to be very precisely positioned in order to function at all. High winds or strong gusts can knock a satellite dish out of position, resulting in lost signal and interrupted service for a homeowner.

Cable TV service relays on buried service lines that are not so vulnerable to weather conditions. This means that homeowners can enjoy crystal clear TV all year long.

Your Source for Cable TV and More

Pioneer Communication offers service in many Kansas communities, including:

  • Scott City
  • Syracuse
  • Hugoton
  • Satanta
  • Johnson

Contact us today by calling 1.800.308.7536 to learn more about our cable TV service or coverage area.

March 28th, 2017|Categories: Cable|