What’s the difference between 10Mbps, 25Mbp, and 50Mbps?

The difference between 10mbps, 25mbps, and 50mbps is the amount of bandwidth (speed) they each provide. Each tier permits you an amount of speed in which you can use to download content off the internet. The total bandwidth given is only suited for a certain amount of devices connected to the internet (Wi-Fi) line.
For example, Sue cannot have the 10mbps if she streams Netflix while her husband surfs the internet with his tablet and her daughter is in the other room downloading pictures to Instagram. She needs more bandwidth to meet the needs of her families desires. So, Pioneer saves the day with their 25mbs tier that is well- suited for every average household around Southwest Kansas.

For an easy way to figure the amount of bandwidth you and your family needs, try our “How Much Speed Do You Need” calculator.

December 9th, 2015|