Why should I get Tivo?

TiVo is not just any digital video recorder. TiVo has successfully replaced your normal DVR experience. It has even created a verb consumers are using, “I’ll just TiVo that tonight.” With TiVo there is no more cable boxes, but still maximizes your cable experience with its massive recording abilities and capacity. You will never have to miss the latest show or series.

TiVo Premiere Q – 500GB of storage (about 75 hours of HD content) or up to 600 hours of standard definition programming.

TiVo T6 – 1 TB (Terabyte) hard drive that can record up to 154 hours of HD content or up to 1,046 hours of SD content.

TiVo redefines DVR with its simplicity (no added equipment) and it’s perks. It does the same job as a DVR. But more.

December 9th, 2015|