What is EasyPay?

EasyPay is an online service that allows you to access your Pioneer Communications bill via the Internet. With EasyPay you are able to print copies of past bills, monitor charges to your account and make payments via credit card or debit card. In addition to EasyPay online, you may also make payments to your account [...]

December 29th, 2015|

Does Pioneer sponsor events?

Yes, Pioneer Communications sponsors many events throughout the year in Southwest Kansas. If you have an event you would like us to sponsor, please fill out and submit our Sponsorship form online to be considered.

December 10th, 2015|

What kind of equipment does the Tech Center have?

The Tech Center sells a variety of equipment for all your technology needs. This equipment includes routers, computers, external hard-drives, printers, access point equipment, battery chargers, streaming devices for your TV, toner, printer cartridges, keyboards, mice, wireless internet adapters, blue-tooth headphones, and much more.

December 10th, 2015|

How much is your install fee?

All basic installation fee services are $35.00. Other upfront charges on services can vary depending on what your requesting for service. For example: installation of a TiVo Whole Home DVR could carry with it an installation fee of up to $80.00.

December 10th, 2015|