Delivering Internet Service and Much More

johnsonIf you are looking for a Johnson, KS, internet provider, Pioneer Communications has you covered. We provide exceptional Internet, phone, and cable TV services for businesses and residents throughout the Johnson area. We believe that choosing essential telecommunication services should be simple, so we have designed options that suit your needs. To make things even easier, we offer online bill pay, online signal strength checking, secure email for customers, and much more.

Everything You Need for Work, School, and Entertainment

We offer three tiers of Internet connectivity to best suit the different needs of the people we serve. Choose from these service packages:

  • Low – Perfect for one or two users who want the Internet for browsing, email, work, or school
  • Medium – Ideal for a family who uses several connected devices to download streaming video as well as needs basic Internet services
  • High – Best suited for online video gaming and multiple connected devices

Use our online connectivity assessment tool to help determine which sort of service is best for your household. This way you do not have to pay for more Internet than you really need.

Phone and Cable

Even though most people use cell phones, having a landline phone at home can be an economical choice. Pioneer Communications is a Johnson, KS, phone provider with the expertise required to handle any phone tree setup. This is especially important for businesses that receive numerous incoming calls throughout the day. You can count on our team of technicians.

We are also a Johnson, KS, cable TV provider. Choose from many premium channels to round out your family’s entertainment package. Enjoy dramas, comedies, movies, and kids programming in addition to the standard station lineup.

We Are Here to Help

Customers with us can enjoy secure email service, rapid technical support, and much more. To set up an account for your home or business, please call Pioneer Communications at 1.800.308.7536.


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