What Kind of Wireless Router Do You Need at Home?

wireless routerA router is a necessary part of getting home internet in southwest Kansas. This small device makes wi-fi signals accessible to devices with internet connectivity. This can include laptop and desktop computers, smart phones and tablets, and even televisions and smart home electronics. Your router receives the internet signal from Pioneer Communication via the phone line and then broadcasts it throughout your home. There are multiple router options for homeowners to consider. This will introduce you to a few of the features that distinguish your many choices.

Basic Router Types

People shopping for an internet router for their home usually shop for AC class routers. These are called dual-band routers because they operate in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wi-fi frequencies. The 2.4 GHz frequency has a lot of activity due to cell phones and other household electronic devices, so finding a router capable of operating in both frequencies is a good way to ensure that you will always benefit from the best signal strength available.

Cost Does Not Indicate Value

Some shoppers head straight for the most expensive routers assuming that these will deliver the most reliable performance and greatest versatility. While this might be true in some circumstances, the computing devices in your home are unlikely to require the resources of a truly high-end router. Here are a few features to look for aside from the price:

  • AC class or N class – AC tends to offer greater speed while N is less hampered by physical obstacles to signal broadcast.
  • Range – Check any specs regarding indoor range the product offers. Keep in mind that physical obstacles, such as large appliances, can diminish this rating. Consider router placement before making your final decision.
  • Maximum number of devices supported – N class routers can support up to 30 concurrently used devices; AC class routers can support nearly 100.

Exceptional Internet Service

No matter which router you choose, you can count on Pioneer Communications to provide exceptional internet service. Looking for cable TV or phone service? We provide these, too.

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