KWCH Update

KWCH Update – We continue to work towards a fair and reasonable agreement with KWCH. We thank you for your support and feedback. As a non-profit cooperative, our goal is to protect the interests of the majority of our members. Our members have been very outspoken that they want cable rates increased as little as possible. As you have made contact with KWCH, they have been untruthful and misleading. Let’s set some of it straight.

Myth #1: We have not been in contact with KWCH for a week.
– We have been in frequent communications with KWCH trying to come to a fair and reasonable agreement.

Myth #2: We don’t care about local channels and local content.
– Local channels and local content are valuable to our members. This is why we completed fair and reasonable agreements before December 31, 2017, with both FOX and ABC with no problems.

Myth #3: Pioneer pulled the KWCH signal off the air.
– KWCH discontinued allowing Pioneer Communications to carry their signal. It was their decision, not ours. This tactic is an attempt to frustrate you, and then have you complain or even switch to another TV provider. But the real motive behind it is to help them extract huge Network fee increases, which drive your monthly bill higher.

Myth #4: We don’t value local programming as much as we do other cable networks like MTV. – If we agree to CBS’ price demands it would make them our second most expensive network, behind ESPN. And significantly more expensive than all other local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC).

Myth #5: Other providers have completed deals.
– This is true. However, it has come at a cost. 2018 rate increases include:
DirecTV – $8
Dish Network – $5
Cox – $5
Keep in mind that these providers are hundreds of times larger than Pioneer Communications and historically negotiate much better rates equating to lesser rate increases.

Over the last few months, CBS has been greedy and unreasonable. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and are disappointed KWCH brought our customers into the middle. We are your cooperative and we will continue to stand up for our members and the rates you pay. We continue to negotiate on your behalf, and would like nothing more than to restore CW and CBS.

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