Your Landline Telephone Is More Important Than You Might Think

With all the advances in technology, you may be feeling like your landline is out of date and not worth the monthly bill. Sure there are some advantages of having a cell phone, and especially a Smartphone that can do so much at the touch of your fingertips, but your landline might be more important than you realize.

Emergency Situations

In the case of an emergency, cellular devices are often hard to track. If you or a loved one are unable to communicate well and cannot give the 911 dispatcher the exact address, it could take a little longer for them to pinpoint the location. The difference in just a couple minutes could mean the difference between life and death. Landlines allow the dispatcher to immediately pick up your address and can send help right away.

Large Disasters

In a situation regarding a large disaster in which there are hundreds or thousands of people in distress, a cell tower can get jammed pretty quickly. This could make it difficult for your calls to go through. A land-based telephone offers more of a likelihood that you will be able to get in touch with loved ones and emergency personnel. Additionally, a corded phone will still work if the power is out, but once the battery dies on your cell, you are out of luck.

Enhanced Sound

Whether you are hard of hearing or just enjoy talking on the telephone a lot, a land-based line could help you have a more enjoyable experience. Compared with cellular devices, those with corded bases often offer a more clear sound, making your conversations more enhanced.

As you can see, keeping your landline might just make more sense than you thought. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency, a disaster, or simply want to hear your conversations better, there are many benefits that come with a land-based telephone line.

December 1st, 2016|Categories: Audio|