Landlines And All Its Glory


When you want to make a call, Pioneer Communications is there. You can keep it simple with just a local calling, or get all of the phone features we offer, including unlimited long distance. Pioneer Communications offers you everything you need in a home phone.

While cell phones dominate our world, a good home phone is important as well. Why get a home phone?

  1.  Trust that there’s always a connection to call out- for babysitters, children and the elderly.
  2. Rest assured that 911/E911 service will have immediate access to your address – allowing for faster emergency response. This also enables a local 911 dispatcher to call you back if necessary.

We offer three packages to build off of our Basic Local Phone Service: Advantage Standard, Advantage Plus, and Advantage Premium. Our Standard package is free with four hours of toll-free calling within our expanded regional calling area. Get seven or 11 hours with our Plus and Premium packages. We also offer a number of features with our Plus and Premium packages. We also offer a number of features with our Basic Local Phone Service at no additional Cost:

  • 3- Way Calling
  • 8- List Speed Dial
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • VoiceMail

You can choose from a number of advanced calling services, a lifeline program, and custom calling services that allow us to create a phone package specific to your needs. Such services can include call trace, priority ringing, do-not-disturb telemarketing, 30-list speed dial, call forwarding, call transfer, and much more. For more information call a Pioneer Communications Representative at 1-800-308-7536 today.

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