Pioneer Communications Scam Alert

Pioneer Communications has received multiple reports of door-to-door salespeople throughout the area that are referencing Pioneer Communications or implying they are associated with our company. The reports we have received have varied from caller to caller. In one example in Lakin, there were 4 salespeople walking door-to-door that said they represented Pioneer Communications and wanted to check the person’s cable boxes. We believe they may have been selling satellite TV service. Callers have also said that the salespeople are not wearing a uniform, driving a company vehicle or showing identification. Please be cautious with who you let into your home.

Pioneer Communications will never approach homes without official credentials and identification. This includes company vehicles, clothing with the Pioneer logo/ name or carrying a Pioneer Communications identification badge. We do not use contractors for door-to-door sales. The only time a contractor working for Pioneer will approach your home is for fiber optic construction and fiber optic cutover. They will have markings on their vehicle and should have a Pioneer Communications nametag. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact your local Pioneer Communications office to verify.
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