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Telecommunications Access Program

Kansas TAP Vendor
Assistance for Specialized Communications Equipment
for the Disabled & Impaired

The Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) of Kansas will provide vouchers for specialized telecommunications equipment for people with certified disabilities who need assistance in utilizing the telephone.  Pioneer Communications is proud to be participating vendor and member of the program to assist residents in western Kansas.

Who is eligible? - You must be a Kansas resident; have telephone service in your home; and your annual adjusted gross income must not exceed $55,000 per household ($3,000 may be added for each dependent claimed).

How do I apply? - For more information you may contact Pioneer Communications, or you may contact the Kansas TAP office at (785) 234-0200 or visit the Kansas TAP website at www.kansastap.org.  A print-ready copy of the Kansas TAP application form is available for download.  A licensed professional within the State of Kansas must verify your disability and fill out the certification form.

How do I use my voucher? Simply bring your voucher to a Pioneer Communications office in exchange for the equipment. A representative will assist you with your selection.

Kansas Relay Center
Telecommunications Services for the Hearing and Speech Impaired

What is the Kansas Relay Service? - The Kansas Relay Center provides a service which makes it easier for speech and /or hearing impaired Kansans to communicate with hearing persons.

The Kansas Relay Center is staffed by specially trained operators 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Operators will relay conversations between hearing/speech impaired customers using special equipment and customers using regular telephones.

Kansas Relay Service, Inc. (KRSI), a nonprofit corporation, serves as administrator for the Kansas Relay Center. Operation of the Kansas Relay Center is funded by all Kansas telecommunications companies.

How does it work? - Kansans with hearing and/or speech impairments communicate with a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD), a combination telephone/typewriter which enable the individual to type out his or her portion of the conversation

Kansans without hearing or speech impairments can us a regular telephone to access the Kansas Relay Center, which can connect them with customers who must use TDDs.

To reach the Kansas Relay Center operator anytime day or night dial 1-800-766-3777 or 711

For more information see pg. 12 of your Pioneer Communications Telephone Directory, or please call or visit your local Pioneer Communications office.

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