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Pioneer Communications Voice Mail Overview

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Pioneer Voice Mail is an automated answering system. It is similar to having an answering machine. Pioneer Voice Mail is a free feature available to anyone in the Pioneer Communications service area. To subscribe to this free feature contact your local Pioneer Communications office and ask for Pioneer Voice Mail.

Pioneer Voice Mail is easy to set up, the only thing required is a touch tone phone (not just a push button, each button must make a different tone when it is pushed). You will receive a letter from Pioneer Communications in about a week after you have signed up. This letter will have each step of the set-up procedure listed. It will also have a temporary password that you will need to set up your mailbox. The letter will explain how to activate the "Call Forward No Answer" feature.

Playback Controls & Options

The playback controls give you many options when reviewing your messages. While you are listening to a message you can access these different options by pressing certain keys on the touch tone pad of your telephone. Listed below are the keys on your touch tone phone and what each key does if pressed during the message.

* - Pressing the * key during the message will rewind the message.

1 - Pressing the number 1 during the message will pause the message, press any key to continue.

# - Pressing the # key during the message will fast forward the message.

T - Pressing the letter T, or number 8 during the message will skip to the next message.

At the end of each message the automated operator will say "End of Message." When you hear "End of Message" your touch tone pad now has a different set of functions. Listed below is the function of each key after the message has been heard.

P - Pressing the letter P, or number 7 at the end of message will replay the message.

A - Pressing the letter A, or number 2 at the end of message will allow you to answer the message.

G - Pressing the letter G, or number 4 at the end of message will allow you to give the message to another mailbox.

K -  Pressing the letter K, or number 5 at the end of message will allow you to keep or save the message.

D - Pressing the letter D, or number 3 at the end of message will allow you to discard the message.

M - Pressing the letter M, or number 6 at the end of message will allow you to make a new message.

Hints & Tips

  • Messages are heard in this order:
    Urgent - Oldest - Newest

  • The "T" or "8" key skips one message.

  • You can send the same message to different destinations with different delivery options.

  • If you make a mistake entering your passcode, you must re-enter it correctly twice.

  • Pioneer VoiceMail will automatically save your message if you exit the system without pressing the Keep "K" key.

  • If you are unable to complete the initial set-up, the temporary passcode will remain in effect.


Contact your nearest
Pioneer Communications
for more information or

further assistance with
Pioneer Voice Mail.


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