Three Reasons We Love Being Local

Pioneer Communications is owned and operated by the citizens of Southwest Kansas. So when we say we we’re local we’re not exaggerating. For us, being local means more than staffing a handful of people in an off-shoot office to read from a script and collect a paycheck. We have roots in this area and recognize that we owe much of our growth and success over the past 60 years to the friends and neighbors in our communities. We love being local and the list of reasons why is a long one but here’s our top three:


1.We’re customers too

One of the best parts of being local is that we know for certain Pioneer Communications provides a superior service. We too wait anxiously for fiber construction to complete in new neighborhoods. Our hearts skip a beat when we roll out faster internet packages or add a new cable package. We too are customers of Pioneer Communications and we strive to provide the highest quality product possible.


2. We’re in plain sight

When you reach out to Pioneer Communications you get someone local; face to face in our offices, on the phone, even support via our website or Facebook page. Technicians at Pioneer bring a great attitude, a friendly smile, and a desire to do their very best on every service and trouble call. There is no out of state corporate office for us to hide behind or point the finger at when things go wrong. And if things do go wrong, which they sometimes do, we strive to be transparent and understanding. We’re coaching your kids’ soccer team and you can find us sitting beside you at church. We’re here for you.


3. You’re our neighbor not a number

Being a part of Pioneer Communications means being a member of the community. Team members across all of our markets from Hugoton to Johnson to Ulysses to Scott City are active volunteers, mentors, and enthusiastically involved in the communities we serve. We sponsor area athletic teams, camps, libraries, movies in the park and business after hours events. We’re Chamber members, we give out scholarships, and we’ve donated over $700,000 back to our local communities over the past 10 years. We’re more than just an internet, cable, and phone company – we are southwest Kansas.

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