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Bobbie Seger - Johnson
Bobbie Seger - JohnsonStanton County Elementary

She’s an amazing teacher, coach, friend, mother and person. She has always been able to make sure each and every child feels important. She strives to help each child grow and learn and succeed daily. Her goals are always achievable, and along the way she makes getting to those goals fun. The kids don’t even realize how much they’re learning because they’re having so much fun! Every child she has taught holds her in their heart.  She’s amazing. – Talia T.

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Wendy Waechter - Lakin
Wendy Waechter - LakinLakin Middle School

Wendy moved back “home” to help our kids succeed. In doing so, she had the biggest shoes on earth to fill. In her first year of teaching, she replaced a legend that retired after nearly 40 years! In addition to keeping the traditions of this class alive, she has added qualities that are irreplaceable in today’s world. Traditions kept alive include the train trip to Bent’s Fort, the annual pumpkin painting and sale (which included painting 160 pumpkins in 3 days and earning $1500 in sales for her class), and Pioneer Day activities. In addition, she has made multiple movies of the students acting out what they are learning. This is something the kids can fondly look back on forever. Her love of teaching doesn’t end in the classroom as she teaches swim lessons as well as manage our city swimming pool. With all of these activities, Wendy has not only enriched our kids in her class, she has proven to these kids that they can have a successful life in Lakin (which is so vitally important to our small communities). That is why Wendy IS the “Teacher of the Year”! – Dan P.

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Keyla Kuehler - Moscow
Keyla Kuehler - MoscowMoscow Grade School

Keyla is a first year teacher that has gone above and beyond to make her lesson units come alive for her students. She is consistently putting in late hours and her own money to completely transform her classroom into various places such as a bat cave, outer space, polar express, Suessville, a western town and a living museum just to name a few. She has also implemented whole brain teaching and flexible seating into her classroom. As a result of her innovative ideas and efforts EVERY single one of her students are testing at or above skill level! – Crystal T.

Joel Mersmann - Deerfield
Joel Mersmann - DeerfieldDeerfield HS

Joel has went above and beyond for our staff and students. He truly cares about our community and the students he teaches. His programs have shown our students what they are truly capable of accomplishing. Its time for us to show him that he’s our “Teacher of the Year”! – Morgan B

Annette Sosa - Hugoton
Annette Sosa - HugotonHugoton HS

Mrs. Sosa was my English teacher about 20 years ago.  She was an exceptional teacher at that time and continues to inspire many students each year.  This year, I have the privilege of teaching math next door to her.  She also is teaching my daughter and my nephew.  Mrs. Sosa is such a positive teacher and great role model for all of the students.  She is able to challenge the students that excel and encourage those that struggle.  Mrs. Sosa deserves the teacher of the year not only because she is a great teacher this year, but because she has been a great teacher for many years! – Jennifer B.

Betsy Breitkreutz - Leoti
Betsy Breitkreutz - LeotiWichita Co. Jr/Sr HS

I would like to nominate Betsy Breitkreutz for Teacher of the Year.  Betsy is the high school math and science teacher.  She has been teaching for 41 years!  Betsy has taught math and science to generations of students with enthusiasm, kindness, and a true concern for the overall well being of each individual both in and out of the classroom.  In addition to teaching, Betsy has also been a STUCO sponsor, Forensics sponsor, Science Olympiad coach, and a bus driver.  Each child is greeted with a big smile and asked how they are doing when they get on her bus and when she sees them at school in her classroom, hallway, or in the cafeteria.  She is always willing to help students with any assignments or projects whether they are in her class or someone else’s.  Over the years, she has donated her personal time, money, and resources to the students of Wichita County so that they may have the best education possible in Western Kansas.  Her dedication to learning is truly commendable. – Tammy M.

Beth Settlemeyer - Hugoton
Beth Settlemeyer - HugotonHugoton Elementary

Mrs. Settlemeyer is kind, loving, and works hard.  She is the best teacher ever.  She is always joyful.  She is generous because she buys us McDonalds whenever we pass our division level.  For science this year one of our modules let us play with legos.  Another one of our modules had us build ramps to see how far our cars could go.  Words can not explain how much I love my teacher! – Ella B.

Patsy Love - Ulysses
Patsy Love - UlyssesUlysses HS

This a hardworking caring teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is most deserving. – Braxton M

Jeanie Miller - Syracuse
Jeanie Miller - SyracuseLittle Learners Preschool

Miss Jeanie is a wonderful teacher who inspires her students to be the best that they can be every day they are in her classroom. They are not only her students, but her own kids. – Kacey D.

Carolyn Hunter - Scott City
Carolyn Hunter - Scott CityScott Community HS

Mrs. Hunter has a heart that overflows with love for her students. She is forever the hero of the underdog! She is always willing to come in early or stay late to help a student catch up on their work. It doesn’t have to be in her class it can be any class. If a student needs anything she is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to care. A heart and soul that put her students forever first! – Julia C.

Nikki Garcia - Ulysses
Nikki Garcia - UlyssesSullivan Elementary

Mrs. Garcia just recently started family nights in which the district and other community resources go into the communities, the neighborhoods, and Meet families and educate them on community resources. They feed the families dinner and it creates a great opportunity to engage others, talk about resources in the community that may assist families in a fun environment right in their own neighborhood. – Shayla J.

Mariette Gerber - Hugoton
Mariette Gerber - HugotonHeritage Christian Academy

Mrs. Gerber is a dedicated 4-6 grade math and science teacher as well as home room to the 4th grade.  Mrs. Gerber provides an ever changing and growing classroom experience for her students while working within a very limited budget.  She continually strives to provide meaningful, real world experiences for her students. – Linda H.

Tiffany Chenoweth - Johnson
Tiffany Chenoweth - JohnsonJohnson MS/HS

Tiffany is a 12 year art teacher at Johnson Middle School/High School. She has dedicated herself to making sure the kids push themselves to their potential. She has taken her time out on weekends to set up art shows that are judged by out of state judges where kids have won scholarships to further their education. – Nicholas S.

Jeremy Hazen - Satanta
Jeremy Hazen - SatantaSatanta Grade School

Jeremy Hazen is an outstanding teacher. He does whatever it takes to make sure the kids are having fun and enjoying school and learning in the process. He is a role model to kids around Satanta and willing to go above and beyond for kids. – Ashlie L.

Julie Conard - Leoti
Julie Conard - LeotiWichita County HS

Julie is a wonderful teacher and the kids love her.  She makes her classroom full of interest and learning experiences for her kids.  They love learning and have fun doing it.  Julie is full of ideas and adventures for her students.   She takes them on tours and field  trips with the help of grants she has applied for and succeeded in receiving.  Julie teaches Freshman and Junior English, and is also the National Honor Society sponsor.  Julie is very involved in many things at the high school. She also organizes the High School Career Day every year for the students.  She is always ready and willing to give her time and talent to be with the students and help with any activity that is happening at the school.  I would highly recommend Julie for this honor, for not many have the energy and desire to share their talent like she does. – Marilyn W.

Tammie Boekhaus - Ulysses
Tammie Boekhaus - UlyssesUlysses HS

She started a class at our high school where we run a t-shirt making business. We have learned a lot of life and business skills. Mrs. Boekous put a lot of time and effort in to the class. She comes to school at 5 and stays till after 5 sometimes. She doesn’t get paid anything for the extra time she puts in and she doesn’t get any of the profit we make. She has the class just to help us learn. – Becca H.

Peg Gunderson - Ulysses
Peg Gunderson - UlyssesHickok Elementary

Many people don’t understand what it is like to be the husband of a teacher. Peg is always talking about “her kids” which are her students. The walls of her teaching room are plastered with pictures and drawings they have made for her. Many hours she spends working on cool science stuff for kindergarten.  She works hard on a team that helps students that are struggling. If you want to spend extra time in a store, just go with her. She hates shopping but always has time to hug a kid and talk to a parent while she is getting a few things for “her kids”.  She loves her kids and faces things every day I would just walk  away from. From the prospective of a teachers husband! – Mark G.

Sue Frederickson - Hugoton
Sue Frederickson - HugotonHugoton Elementary

Mrs. Frederickson is one of the best teachers my daughter has had the privilege to have.  She is a great teacher.  She takes time for all her students and is so patient with her 2nd graders.  She treats them all equally and makes it her priority to help each of them. She knows when someone is struggling and makes sure they succeed.  She makes each student feel special and unique.  She deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication to her student’s. – Keri M.

Carrie Schrader - Holcomb
Carrie Schrader - HolcombHolcomb HS

Carrie teaches FACS classes at the high school, she is also the FCCLA sponsor.  Carrie is always engaging students in her teaching.  She has had her class video conference with top chefs to have them show the students same techniques about different items around the kitchen.  Carrie had her students from the new Sewing class in FACS made quilt tops as their first project. These 24 quilt tops will be sent to the Garden City United Methodist Church where the God Mothers group will put the batting and backing on to make them into baby quilts. The quilts will then be donated to the WIC program at Garden City Hospital and will be given to babies born at the hospital.  In addition to all of this Carrie will host different events for the staff at the high school too despite her already very busy schedule. You can see a sense of pride and confidence in the students that come out of Carrie’s room.  Students are not afraid to come to her with a problem because they know that they will get an answer and if Carrie does not know the answer she will find out for the students. – Stacy B.

Jamie Morgan - Ulysses
Jamie Morgan - UlyssesKepley Middle School

A very caring and inspiring teacher for 6th grade English and Reading, excellent at organization and lessons, students love her!  She makes sure all her students are equipped with supplies and has fun activities for them throughout the year. – Christopher B.

Kerrinne Fann - Hugoton
Kerrinne Fann - HugotonHugoton HS

Words cannot express how great she is as a teacher. Not only is she an amazing teacher that’s very knowledgeable in her field but also she makes us laugh on a daily basis. Mrs. Fann is a science teacher at Hugoton High School and she is also in charge of the science club and National Honors Society. She has a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in teaching and another bachelor degree in art. She is the reason why I enjoy school and science. I always look forward to going into her class because it’s always full of laughter. She has made me into a better student by giving assignments that are challenging but not so challenging that make you want to cry and give up. It impressive how much she knows about science and how great she is a teacher. She explains things so well that it’s hard to be confused and if I ever don’t know something I know I can always go in and get extra help. She always puts in those extra hours after work to make sure we understand what she is teaching. There is always one teacher who makes a difference in a student’s life. The things she has taught me are things I’m going to take with me to college and for the rest of my life. I am blessed to have a teacher that cares so much about her students and everyone else. –  Josselyne J.

Zeta Greene - Rolla
Zeta Greene - RollaRolla HS

I think Mrs.Greene deserves to be recognized for being an amazing teacher because she puts time and effort in for all the kids in our school. From teaching multiple Jr high and high school classes, Mrs.Greene coaches track and volleyball. Along with all these amazing things, she also helps kids be involved in science fair and takes them to regionals and state competition. She is so willing to be involved with the kids and I’m so grateful to have her as my teacher! – Deserae S.

Sara Greene - Scott City
Sara Greene - Scott CityScott City Elementary

Mrs. Greene has the biggest heart of any one I know.  She LOVES her 2nd Grade Kiddos and treats them as if they were her own.  I happened to be there when a student had a birthday and their parent had promised them a lunch date and to bring treats for a school party and neither one happened.  The student was devastated.  Mrs. Greene gave up her lunch period to have lunch with this student and then give that student a special “recess” party for their birthday.  She went out of her way to make sure that student felt special.  I have substituted in her classroom before and the kids LOVE her!  They talked about her the entire day, and you could tell they adored her.  She truly devotes 110% to each of her students and they respect her.  I hear other teachers say, “I wish we had Mrs. Greene’s kiddos”…but it isn’t about the kiddos, it’s about how Mrs. Greene interacts/ treats those kiddos.  She lifts them up and encourages them to be better students. She is a Godly woman with a Godly heart, and that truly shines through her in her profession!  This is her first year teaching in our district and we are truly Blessed to have her! – Julie F.

Georjean Perez - Ulysses
Georjean Perez - UlyssesKepley Middle School

Mrs. Perez is a great teacher. She helps no matter what the problem is. She puts math in a way where you can visualize it or relate to it! – Malia M.

Holly Steele - Tribune
Holly Steele - TribuneGreeley County Schools

Holly is a very experienced teacher who runs her classroom with consistency and rigor. She makes sure her students are driven forward, but takes time to teach her content area and to the state standards. Holly not only supports her students in her classroom but also coaches junior high volleyball and is a student council sponsor. Her leadership in the classroom transfers over to the community as she is a great role model for students. She also mentors young teachers and supports the school’s strive for excellence. She is endorsed as an English as a Second Language educator and currently teaches Junior High math, High School problem solving, pre-algebra and applied math. Holly is very deserving of the Teacher of the Year award. – Rachael S.

Allen Brockmeier - Leoti
Allen Brockmeier - LeotiWichita County Jr/Sr HS

Mr. Allen Brockmeier is the band and music instructor of grades 5-12 in Wichita County. “Mr. B”, has been an amazing influence on students for 20 years. He has been teaching in Wichita County for approximately 14 years. He has dedicated his roll as a teacher to help, teach and reach each student whatever way he can in and out of the classroom. He has been consistent in taking many students to state competition every year. In his 20 years of teaching he has been successful in taking approximately 400 students to state in solos and small groups (trios, quartets, etc)!

Brockmeier sought out the position and opportunity to be able to teach in Wichita County. Brockmeier saw a lot of potential in the students in Leoti and really wanted to be able to help them along in their musical talents.

When a new teaching position opened up in Wichita County, Brockmeier was awakened at 2:00 in the morning and felt that God was instructing him to apply for the job. He obeyed the Lord, went online to apply and since has been a welcomed, appreciated, and a wonderful teacher and role model to the youth of Wichita County.

Brockmeier is dedicated to the students here and attempts to make a difference in the lives of these students through humor and the love of music everyday. He is a role model not only while in the school classroom but is a person that deserves the respect and admiration of every citizen of Wichita County! – Jeanette M.

Mindy Duran - Holcomb
Mindy Duran - HolcombHolcomb Elementary

Mindy Duran is a 5th grade teacher at Holcomb Elementary.  She teaches ELA and Social Studies.  Mindy is a great team member and is willing to bend over backwards to help others.  Mrs. Duran spends many hours in the classroom before and after school preparing her lessons.  She has great ideas and prepares her lesson plans to include visual, hands on and uses technology within her classroom. Please consider voting for Mindy Duran as a Teacher of the Year!  – Tammy W.

Becky Sohm - Rolla
Becky Sohm - RollaRolla Elementary

I think Mrs. Sohm should be teacher of the year because she helps so many kids in so many ways. She comes early to help us when we need extra help or stays late. She always goes out of her way for us. Mrs. Sohm loves teaching and treats all her students the same!!! – Rylan W.

Joe Gould - Syracuse
Joe Gould - SyracuseSyracuse Christian Academy

I would like to nominate Mr. Gould. He has taught at the Syracuse Christian Academy for 35 yrs. Joe plays many rolls at SCA. He is a teacher, principal and a roll moldel for our kids. Not only does Mr. Gould teach curriculum but he is teaching our kids to garden. At the school he started an apple orchard, green house and raising chickens. Joe is also the band teacher. Most important of all he teaches our kids about the Lord!! Mr. Gould as well as the other 2 teachers, Gwen Tyler and Keirsten Seal are amazing!!!! Thank you Joe for all that you do for our kids!! – Connie S.

Kelsey Blair - Satanta
Kelsey Blair - SatantaSatanta Grade School

Kelsey is a first year teacher! She has taught swimming lessons for many years leaving a positive, loving impact on kids and she is now carrying that over into her classroom. She has a love and passion for teaching and making learning fun. She often incorporates music and dance in her classroom to keep her students engaged and eager to learn! She is a positive roll model in and out of the classroom. She refers to her 1st graders as her kids and loves each and every one! Please consider voting for Kelsey! Her love for kids and passion for teaching will leave a lasting impression on many young lives to come! – Kristy B.

Heather Ball - Holcomb
Heather Ball - HolcombWiley Elementary School

Heather came to High Plains Educational Cooperative as a fully certified autism specialist.  She is currently in her first year at Wiley Elementary School in Holcomb and teaches kindergarten through second grade special education.  Heather is in tune with the needs of children with autism and advocates for their inclusion in the general education classroom.  She has made significant strides in implementing full inclusion for children with autism.  Heather is a master at incorporating full body tactile kinesthetic learning into her classroom.  Upon entering her classroom, students are exposed to sensory activities such as stair step bridges, drums and muted lighting with classical music playing in the background.  A typical lesson incorporates music, whole body movement, hands on activities and technology.  Students in her classroom are valued for who they are and what skills they bring to the table.  Heather also provides preferential seating for student core strength and movement needs.  Thank you Heather for your service to students in High Plains Educational Cooperative! – Amber M.

Chris Albers - Lakin
Chris Albers - LakinLakin Elementary School

Chris has taught for High Plains Educational Cooperative for 4 years.  She is a thorough and disciplined teacher who has high expectations for her students.  Chris provides intentional instruction for her learning disabled students and advocates for their needs in the general education classroom. Chris’s strong reading specialist skills make her an integral part of Lakin Elementary School’s reading program.  Chris also teaches her students soft skills that they will need to function in the 21st century classroom.  She teaches them manners, organizational skills and responsibility.  Students know that they are cared for and valued in her classroom.  Student self-worth is a constant in Chris Albers classroom.  Thank you Chris for your service to High Plains Educational Cooperative! – Amber M.

 Jody Baehler - Scott City
Jody Baehler - Scott CityHPEC - Scott City MS

Jody is a kind and compassionate special education teacher at Scott City Middle School.  She is extremely gifted with significant needs students and gives them the kind of compassion and kindness deserving of every child.  Jody creates work boxes for students to hone their matching and organizational skills as well as teaches 7th and 8th grade reading and math to learning disabled middle schoolers.  Jody is a team player and has worked in several school districts throughout Southwest Kansas.  Jody is originally from Winona and has taught in Oakley, Holcomb, and Scott City and in each place has become a part of each community through volunteering on school committees, coaching and assisting at school events.  Thank you Jody for your service to High Plains Educational Cooperative! – Amber M.

Candee Amerin - Ulysses
Candee Amerin - UlyssesJoyce Elementary School

She has a true love for her students and the concern for the improvement of each student. She is definitely one of the best teachers for young children. The children adore her for her great ideas because she suits their learning needs, she is amazing. – Kerlin D.

Sandy Hanson - Tribune
Sandy Hanson - TribuneGreeley Co. Elementary

I would like to nominate Sandy Hanson.  She is currently a Kindergarten teacher at Greeley County Elementary School.  I can’t say enough good things about Sandy.  She is a very prepared, interested, fun teacher.  She puts a lot of time and effort into her lesson plans.  She is always thinking about what is best for her students.  Sandy is always willing to help her students, as well as other teachers.  She is a team player.  Mrs. Hanson deserves recognition, as she cares for all of her students. She is also a wonderful, loving wife and mother!  Although there is a lot to do as a teacher, she makes sure that her family does not suffer! Mrs. Hanson is a great person all around!  Vote for Sandy Hanson! – Sheryl C.

Nicole Winner - Ulysses
Nicole Winner - UlyssesSMCC Preschool

Nicole is so amazing with our children!  She truly cares and works tirelessly to make learning fun. – Kasey E.

Lora Fuss - Lakin
Lora Fuss - LakinLakin Grade School

Mrs. Fuss has been an amazing inspiration to my child this year! She goes above and beyond for her kids! She doesn’t just think about the kids in the classroom she interacts with them and participates outside the classroom! She is the perfect example of what a teacher with passion is! –  Holly M.

Robyn Kendrick - Johnson
Robyn Kendrick - JohnsonStanton Co. Elementary

Mrs.Kendrick is a 2nd grade teacher. She is a hardworking and caring teacher who goes above and beyond for all of her students. She treats them all equally and makes it her priority to help each of them succeed. She makes each student feel special and unique. My daughter says she is the best teacher ever. I have seen such a big improvement in my daughter and its all thanks to this wonderful teacher. – Donna O.

Peggy Lewis - Syracuse
Peggy Lewis - SyracuseSyracuse Elementary

Peggy is all around amazing! She goes above and beyond for the kids! She works with and comes up with ways to help the kids individually! Teaching is not just a job for her it is her passion! She takes pride in seeing the kids Excel and achieve their goals! – Tara S.

Michelle Schonlau- Ulysses
Michelle Schonlau- UlyssesHickok Elementary

She’s a very kind-hearted person that really cares about our kids. – Nora G.

Lesha Doyle - Ulysses
Lesha Doyle - UlyssesHickok Elementary

Mrs. Doyle is a first year teacher and is awesome!  She is very understanding, caring and makes learning fun.  She is an asset to the USD 214 school system. – Brandy W.