Pioneer Business Voice

At Pioneer Communications, we’re business phone system experts! We are a Southwest Kansas business phone service provider that offers multiple flexible and affordable phone system options for businesses of all types and sizes.

Take Your Business Phone System to the Cloud

Pioneer Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system that offers your business a multitude of benefits. You will have access to many useful features including auto attendant, unified messaging, find me follow-me and call center functionality. Business Voice is a very affordable, secure and reliable phone system for businesses with a low up-front and monthly cost to help you stay on budget.

Moving your business phone system to the cloud can lower your IT costs, make your workforce more productive and improve how you communicate with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Many businesses today are still using on-premise business phone systems which were designed for the1990s work environment when employees reported to an office each day and made & received calls using desk phones and not mobile devices. At the end of the typical work day back then, work communication ended when employees went home.

A cloud-based phone system is designed to be used in today’s modern business environment to keep employees connected to your customers and each other wherever they are working and on whatever devices they may be using including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

A Flexible & Affordable Phone System with All The Features You Need

With Pioneer Business Voice, you will have a host of features available at your fingertips as well as multiple phone models from which to choose. If you need more features, you can easily add the features you need such as instant messaging, voice-to-text transcription that works with all your devices or presence (co-worker status). Once you have Pioneer Business Voice, you never again will need to think about changing your phone system as this cloud-based system is adaptable, flexible, secure and affordable.

Benefits of Taking Your Phone System to the Cloud

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with Pioneer Business Voice include:

Low up-front cost and predictable monthly expenses

With hosted PBX, there are no surprises. You pay for only what you need.



No need to install bulky equipment that must be maintained

No premises-based equipment to install, maintain, or occupy space



Superior disaster recovery

A high quality, reliable solution over our managed network with superior disaster recovery

Full integration with all your internet-connected devices

Make and receive calls anywhere you have an Internet connection



Your phone system can grow as your business grows with seamless, network upgrades

Flexible infrastructure can grow as you grow with feature upgrades done in the network – seamlessly



Easy to use and manage from any browser

Admins and users easily control Hosted PBX from any browser; tailor features to individuals or groups

Contact Pioneer Communications Today

If you would like to find out more about Pioneer Business Voice and how your business can benefit from this cloud-based phone system, please contact the friendly team at Pioneer Communications. We welcome all your questions and concerns! We are proud to connect Southwest Kansas to the rest of the world by offering a comprehensive range of telecommunications services that run the gamut from high speed internet service to flexible and affordable business phone service solutions