Your Home Wifi

The average American household now has 7 WiFi enabled devices, this includes mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and other “smart” devices that connect to the Internet. That number continues to grow as more smart devices become available. To fully utilize them, your WiFi network should be optimized.


What is your Wifi Network?
A network is the term used when multiple devices are connected to one another, traditionally with cables. A WiFi network means that your devices use wireless radio waves, called WiFi, to connect to one another. Most WiFi networks use a wireless router to connect the devices to one another and the Internet.


Optimize Your Network
It is important to consider how much traffic (data) will be traveling through your router to the Internet. Your network is only as fast as its slowest component, choosing a router that can handle your traffic is essential to how please you are with your instnert service.


  • Number of Devices & Users: The key here is to determine the number of devices that will be used at the same time. If your household is made up of one or two people and you use a few devices at one time, a more modest router will suffice. If you have four or more people in your house that use multiple devices at the same time, a more powerful router will best handle the heavy traffic.
  • Types of Activity: If you like to stream movies or game online, both activities that require a lot of bandwidth, a more powerful router is critical for the best experience.
  • Speed of Connection: It is important to note that older and entry-level routers may not be capable of processing today’s fastest Internet speeds. Ensure that your router is equipped to handle your high-speed connection.Once you have determined the best router for your needs, put it in the best location possible. Place your router in the center of your home for best coverage. Doors, walls and other objects dampen Wifi signals, so set the router on a desk or shelf and allow for some open space around the device for best performance.
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