Posted July 14, 2016

With school letting out, families are going to have ample time to fill in the Kansas summer heat. You can use your internet service provider in Southwest KS to research different things to do, or you can use this list to get started on some summer fun! Here are just a few of the family-friendly events going in Southwest KS for the summer of 2016.

County Fairs

If you enjoy carnival rides, carnival games, and fair food, then check out some of the county fairs going on in the area. The Hamilton County Fair begins on July 29, 2016 and features the largest demo derby in all of Southwest KS. If you’re not in Hamilton County, then check out the Finney County Fair starting on July 27, 2016. If you’re feeling particularly competitive, then be sure to research the different contests going on and submit a piece for a chance at a ribbon.

Sporting Events

There are a wide variety of sports tournaments going on this summer, including the Dinger Derby Baseball Tournament starting June 10, Jim Clanton Memorial Baseball Tournament starting June 23, Cal Ripken Kansas State Championship Baseball Tournament starting July 14, and Buffalo Dunes Ladies Golf Tournament starting June 25. Whether you’re competing or just want to spectate the fun, the family is sure to have a great time.

Dodge City Days

Dodge City Days lasts for 10 days in Dodge City, which is one of the last Wild West towns in the country. The event starts on July 29 and features activities such as the Western Parade, Boot Hill Bull Fry & Bash, Fidelity State Bank Chuckwagon Breakfast, and High Noon Gunfight.

Gather the Family and Go!

You aren’t restricted to just these events. There are plenty of other activities such as the Final Fridays art crawl on the last Friday of each month in Dodge City and Beef Empire Days celebrating the beef industry in Garden City starting June 3. Use your connection through Pioneer Communications internet and phone service to learn more about these exciting events.