Posted August 18, 2016

Being a mom of two active middle schoolers and a toddler, I soon realized my life could no longer revolve around my TV show schedule. I have had a DVR for years, but never realized how much I would truly love getting a TIVO. Before having active kids and a potty training diva, I would record my shows and watch them when I had time. Now that I have a busy schedule plus many people wanting to watch their shows… I now have a sweet get-a-way, and that is my bedroom. That’s right, I get to watch MY shows in MY bedroom, all the while the boys are watching their shows in the TV room and the little one is down for a nap. I never thought I would be able to keep up with Greys Anatomy, Bachelorette and Master Chef until I upgraded. Now I use the TIVO for the many reasons it was intended for.

1. Record shows and watch them on my schedule. Yes, I watch my recorded shows just like a DVR, but those recorded shows automatically fast forward through commercials. I also get 1 Terabyte of data with Pioneer Communications and they even dared me to “fill it up”- one word, flawless.

2. Better user interface, better remote, better search options. To be real, I judge a lot of technology by the way it looks. If it look’s dated and complicated I usually pass but not TIVO. TIVO has the simplicity, benefits, and the upgraded interface; cool remote; and all the search options I need! My television experience is always amazing.

3. Record 6 shows at once. Like I said before, I have multiple people recording and watching their own shows. With TIVO I get to record 6 shows at once! Since TV is a huge source of entertainment in my family, we are now able to be a stress free, fight free family when it comes to our TV watching. The only obstacle we now face is the, “where did you put the remote?!”

4. Start recording in one room, finish in another. Get the same experience in every room of the house. You read right. I start recording in one room, put a princess to sleep, and finish my recording in another room. It makes for a convenient afternoon without missing a scene! Just to add the cherry on top, I watch my recorded shows on my tablet when I’m trapped in my daughter’s room or cleaning out the laundry room. It really can’t get better than that, right?

You can say I’m a TV watching addict or you can say Pioneer Communications’ rocks!Either way, being able to depend on my TIVO to keep up with my TV show schedule has definitely made my life easier and enjoyable. If you’re interested in adding a TIVO to your home, call a customer service representatives at 1-800-308-7536 or visit to view your TIVO options.


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