Posted December 5, 2017

WatchTV Everywhere

We all know that the Holiday seasons bring the best Christmas movies, the best TV specials, and the best settings to for family time. If you have Pioneer Communications cable packages your know you’re missing out as you travel across country and fill your calendar up with one too many parties. BUT! There’s good news, since you’ve chosen Pioneer Communications as your trusted cable provider, you have 24/7 access to Watch TV Everywhere!

What is WatchTVEverywhere?
It’s a free service available to subscribers of qualifying Pioneer Communications cable packages. With WatchTVEverywhere, you can watch some of your favorite channels and programming—including live TV and full episodes of current TV shows—on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Where can I use it?
You can use WatchTVEverywhere anywhere you have a wireless internet connection. For example, you can keep on your shows while you’re traveling to the in-law’s for the holidays. WatchTVEverywhere is also handy to use at home when you want an extra “TV screen,” such as those times when three family members each want to watch a different program but you only have two TVs. Or when you feel like some entertainment while relaxing on your front porch or backyard patio.

How do I get started?
The first step is to complete a one-time registration.
• Go to and select Pioneer Communications in the drop-down menu.
• Click the Register link.
• Complete the registration form.
• Check your email. You will receive a message with an activation link.
• Click on the link to complete the registration process.

What’s available on WatchTVEverywhere for me to watch?
Once logged in to the site, click on the TV network you want to watch, and you’ll see a list of available WatchTVEverywhere programs. You can watch any WatchTVEverywhere program as long as it’s on a network you subscribe to through your Pioneer Communications cable package.

If you have questions about using WatchTVEverywhere or want to upgrade your Pioneer Communications cable package, give us a call at 1.800.308.7536.