Posted December 14, 2017

Net Neutrality

Over the past few months, you may have seen a number of news stories or social media posts about net neutrality and potential changes to how, and whether, the internet is regulated by the federal government.  The frequency of these messages has increased since the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality on Dec. 14.

Several of our customers have reached out to ask how the potential changes could impact their service, and the answer is they will have NO effect. It’s important for you to know that even though the rules have changed, Pioneer Communications and our practices will remain the same.

We don’t engage in unlawful or anticompetitive discrimination against websites, streaming video services and voice applications that may compete with traditional services we offer.

We don’t offer pay-for-priority services, meaning we don’t speed up access to individual websites in exchange for compensation. We treat access to all websites the same.  We don’t block or throttle consumer access to lawful internet content consistent with our acceptable use policy. We do not plan to share information about your internet usage with third parties, even if we are given permission to do so.

We do invest in our networks to give our customers the internet speed, capacity and services they want most.

We understand Open Internet is an issue that people may be passionate about. However, we assure you that our policies and practices have not changed and are not expected to in the near future.

Want more ionformation? Visit our Facebook page to listen to our CEO, Catherine Moyer, on a recent radio interview regarding net neutrality: