Posted October 16, 2018

National Fire Safety Month

October is National Fire Safety Month and it’s a good time to remind kids, and grown-ups, about the importance of taking steps to reduce the likelihood of a fire and knowing what to do if there was a fire.

We should all be aware of ways to help learn fire safety and prevention. So whether you’re a parent, teacher or daycare provider, we have attached a few kid’s activities that you can print/distribute to the kid’s in your community to help promote and teach Fire Safety.

Here are 4 attachments that will help you teach Fire Safety this month:

How to make a Home Fire Escape Plan 

This sheet will allow you and your kids to draw out your house layout and make your own Fire Escape Plan.

Click HERE to download

Fire Truck Coloring Page 
Print a few of these pages off and teach your children what a Fire Truck is. Call your local Fire Station and see if you can take your kids to see a REAL Fire Truck and personally thank your local Fire Fighters!

Click HERE to download

Smoke Alarm Hidden Picture
Teach your kids what a smoke alarm looks like and then have them find the hidden smoke alarm in this handout.

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Sparky’s Connect the Dots
Have your kids draw their own smoke alarm by connecting the dots with Sparky! While you’re at it, check out for more fun!

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