Posted October 23, 2018

Internet can be Scary

When at home and you are gliding like a gazelle; clickety- clicking from one website to another, or reading an e-Mail your mother forwarded to you from and it reads, “work at home and earn $5000 a day GUARANTEED,” one more click and then…it happens!

The internet can be a scary place. Ransomware, Viruses, Scammers, Hackers, Malware; there seem to be all kinds of bad things waiting to happen to you just after that next CLICK.

There are good places on the internet that can help you understand and guide you through those mishaps before they become a restore, a new install, or a trip to the computer shop. They can guide you with troubleshooting your computer or eliminating a virus or removing malware you might have. Here are a couple of websites that exist to help us in our time of need:

  1. Bleeping Computer
  2. Major Geeks

By using their tutorials, forums, and how-to’s and guides, you can learn the best practices when surfing the internet or reading email on the web. Maybe you just want to clean up your computer or learn how to uninstall or delete an app from an iPad or iPhone, or delete Facebook Posts in Bulk! These sites also list all kinds of rated software that are virus free available to the consumer from zero dollars to many. They also make a great home page for jumping off into your next internet rabbit hole.

Give ‘em a try and maybe you too will release that inner “IT Zen” within YOU!

Written by Todd Kreie | Data Communications, Pioneer Communications