Posted December 11, 2018

Holiday Traditions

The holidays are upon us and we all know it’s party time! Keeping up with the holiday traditions and the many Christmas parties you have to attend keeps your schedule full. But not only do you have to attend multiple parties, but you also have to host a few. Hosting a party is enough pressure already, especially when Miss Pinterest Party Pants makes it impossible to compete. Entertaining is a lot of work! We get it, but not to be Baugh humbug… you could use a hand, and Pioneer Communications has just the help!

Here are four ways Pioneer Communications’ Stream TV can make you the Hostess with the Mostest this Holiday Season:

Keep It Simple
Yes, Pinterest projects are fun, adorable, and trendy, but remember to keep it simple. Holidays are busy enough, especially for the family on the go! I promise you your tree is enough décor, and I bet you might have all the equipment you need to host the best holiday party! Actually, if you have Pioneer Communications’ Stream TV, I know you have what you need to be the Hostess with the Most-est.
It’s About Atmosphere
Décor isn’t the party maker, it’s the atmosphere! Although décor can add to the atmosphere, there are other ways to create a fun and inviting environment. For example, Music can take a party from one to ten quickly! Utilize your WatchTVEverywhere account and access Stingray Music, this help’s eliminate those awkward silences. Pioneer has a variety of music genres to choose from. Check out the Sting Ray channels through your WTVE account.
Be Practical 
One thing that makes a great host is their attentive hospitality! So look at the practicalities of your evening- are you going to have kids there? If so, what age groups? Have holiday movies, TV shows recorded on Cloud DVR or simply utilize the Restart and Replay TV to keep little ones occupied. We both know it’s the cheapest babysitter you and your guest will find!
Set Yourself Up To Win
It’s easy to get carried away with the details of a party, and most hosts do, but this year refuse to put unrealistic expectations on yourself. Pick one avenue to entertain all guests. One way to cheat the system is to use your many Stream TV streams – stick the teens in the basement with Jimmy Fallon, and the kids in the playroom with Charlie Brown Christmas playing. Lastly, put some tunes on in the kitchen and enjoy yourself! While the other mom’s kill to know your secret to your ability to serve everyone at once, you can thank us by relaxing.