Posted January 15, 2019

Upgrade with StreamTV

2018 is officially over so it’s time to cut the cord and the switch to streaming.

Streaming is hotter than ever these days, with on-demand services such as Netflix and Hulu that mesmerized us all by its mobility and cutting-edge convenience streaming brings. A few of us, okay most of us, still LOVE our luxurious cable. Even though Netflix and Hulu got us through College and a few awkward movie dates, cable is our first love and we cannot forsake it.

Luckily Pioneer Communications is upgrading your Cable watching AND streaming experience with StreamTV. It’s like Pioneer Communications’ Cable and Internet had a baby.

Because you love TV, we built the best TV platform ever. Stream TV is an app based video service. This means you now have the ability to receive video or audio over a wireless internet connection. Just like you stream Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube you can now stream LIVE Cable Television on your tablet, Smart TV, Streaming Device and more.  Better yet, this app based video is received over Pioneer Communications Internet!

We understand that our Pioneer family is ever growing and so are your devices. We care too much to limit your entertainment experience to just a television screen when we can meet you where you are on almost all of your devices. With Stream TV you’re now able to purchase a stream device of your choice. A stream device is any device that is able to receive video or audio over a wireless connection. This includes and is not limited to the Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku, iPad, desktop, and even your smartphone! Check out page 8 and 9 in this newsletter to see what devices are compatible with Stream TV.

It gets even better! This app based video service is much more than just Live Cable – this unique platform has advance features like Replay TV, Restart TV, and integrated Cloud DVR that you’re going to love! Let’s break them down:

Replay TV is an amazing feature that allows us to offer up to 3 days of previously aired programming and is available with most TV networks. For example, if you missed the big game yesterday – no problem! Just go backwards in the guide and watch it. Want to watch a movie that aired three days ago? That’s a breeze too! To view recently aired programs, bring up the guide and then press left. A tab will appear. Select the Replay button. You can then view available content and watch it.

Restart TV is a great option available with select programs and channels that lets you start the program you are on from the beginning, even if it’s half over! Never miss the beginning again! It is available with most channels. When you see a program you want to start over, select it and press play. Depending upon the device you are using, it will either have an option immediately to select Restart or after the program begins, a prompt will ask if you’d like to start from the beginning. You can also hit the select button and back up to where you would like to begin.

Cloud DVR is digital video recorder that stores your requested programs in an off premise server waiting for your command to play the video, which is then sent to your device through the internet. You can now access your recordings on the go virtually on any device – even off Pioneer Internet.

We can go on because it’s that good! Just like Pioneer Communications understands your needs, STREAM TV gets you. It listens, it learns, and it knows what you like.

Call today at 1.800.308.7536 to cut the cord and the switch to Stream TV.