Posted April 30, 2019

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The definition of a cooperative defines it as a private business owned and controlled by the “people” who use its services. What it fails to explain is that those “people” aren’t just average people, they are dedicated members of the local community. They raise children in the small-town that they call home, long for thriving schools for those children, own and operate businesses, and welcome economic growth to strengthen their community in any way possible. A cooperative should more often be defined as an enduring business deeply rooted in the community with more local resilience, accountability, local spending, equity, participation, and relevant development. 

Cooperatives put the needs and well-being of their members and communities first by giving back to the community through scholarships and local fundraising efforts, implementing values that are best for the community as a whole, and pursuing economic growth while remaining socially responsible.

Your Hometown Cooperative Provides:

Economic Contributions

$1.4 million paid into state and local taxes in 2018.

Education Investment

$150K in scholarships awarded over the last decade.

Fiber Optic Connections

$23+ million invested into state-of-the-art fiber optic connections in southwest Kansas over the last decade. 

Reliable Connection

$60+ million invested in telecommunication infrastructure over the last decade.

Unlimited Internet Data

No data caps or bandwidth throttling (the practice of intentionally slowing internet speed to regulate network traffic).

Charitable Donations

Donated over $650K to charitable and community organizations from 2014-18.

Education, Training, and Information

Educating the people of southwest Kansas about the latest digital technology advances.