Posted September 4, 2019

Growing Technology in Education

The rapid increase of technology in today’s society means nothing other than technological advancement in schools. Blackboards and text books are quickly becoming a tradition of the past, as tablets and e-books take center stage. This is a welcomed and necessary change, as preparing students for a technology-run world should be a priority for enabling students for success, in schools and at home.

Technology integration in schools not only provides Internet access, but also encompasses the use of technological tools including online courses and the use of various devices in classrooms. There are many benefits of online learning including access to resources, personalized learning, and assistance for struggling students.

Student access to digital learning resources outside the classroom is an essential part of the learning process. In some cases, lack of access to broadband in rural areas can impede a student’s learning ability and cause a digital divide. Pioneer Communications strives to proudly provide readily available and dependable Internet access to every household in the service territory and realizes that connecting their customers to the rest of the world is of utmost importance, especially for furthering education.

Affordable options are available to provide your child with the Internet speed capabilities he or she needs to have access to learning tools and resources outside of the classroom.