Posted December 4, 2019

For the Home Security Guru:

1. Ring Video Doorbell: With front door package theft on the rise, consider this 21st-century system that you can set and forget. The Ring system includes a camera that connects to your smartphone and sends an alert when someone arrives at your door. It includes a speaker system that’s perfect for greeting guests or deterring would-be intruders snooping on your porch.

2. August Smart Lock: Always forgetting the keys to your parents’ house? As long as you have an internet connection, a smart lock allows homeowners to control their deadbolt, so Mom and Dad don’t have to drop everything to let you in.

For the Eco-Friendly Parent:

3. Nest: Smart thermostats like the Nest not only allow you to adjust room temperature from your smartphone, they learn your behavior patterns. For instance, the unit turns off while you’re away at work and kicks back on before you return. This allows you to be environmentally friendly while saving money.

For the Neat Freak:

4 - 6. Roomba vacuum, Braava mop & Robomow lawn mower: The Jetsons weren’t far off when they imagined a future where robots do your chores. Don’t lift a finger while keeping the home spotless with these WiFi-enabled housekeeping products

For the Movie & TV Bingeing Enthusiast:

7. Chromecast or Fire TV Stick: Encourage your loved ones to cut the cord by buying them a cool streaming device. With a high-speed internet connection and a subscription to Netflix or Hulu, just activate the device and movie night can begin.

For the Home Chef:

8. SmartChef Gas Grill: Does your family love nights on the deck cooking on the BBQ? If you answered yes, get them a grill that delivers both flavor and freedom. The smart grill runs off your WiFi and an app you install on your phone. Picture it now: your dad can control the grill temperature without leaving the comfort of his patio chair or recliner.

9. Joule sous vide: If the weather’s not right for grilling, it’s time to pull out the latest trend in cooking. A sous vide system cooks your meat to perfection in just a few simple steps. (It also works with French fries, desserts, and much more!) Season and bag your meat, drop it in a pot of water alongside your sous vide, and you’re done. It heats to the perfect temperature, which means your proteins won’t overcook, even if they cook for extra time.

These smart home items are smart choices for contemporary homeowners and are guaranteed to bring a smile—just like fast and reliable internet from Pioneer Communications!