Posted July 20, 2021


Summer learning loss is a well-documented phenomenon that suggests students lose between one to two months’ worth of academic knowledge each summer. Research suggests that 9 in 10 teachers spend at least three weeks re-teaching lessons at the beginning of the school year. This loss of learning is partly due to whether or not the student has access to the Internet during the summer months.  
Combating the summer slide starts with increasing your child’s digital literacy at home. There are great educational platforms available online that cover a wide variety of lessons for children of all ages and abilities. Unfortunately, while there are countless online learning resources perfect for summer learning, lack of internet connection can obstruct vital learning time and progress, and it doesn’t stop there. Learning loss can continue into the school year as some students have difficulty completing schoolwork because they lack Internet access at home.   
Luckily, there are ways to access a computer and the Internet if you aren’t able to at home. Libraries offer free internet access and are a great place for students to go and learn. Another option is getting your child involved in local summer programs offered by schools and community centers for continued summer learning. Pioneer Communications can also help you with your Internet needs, offering affordable packages to accommodate your family’s demands.  
The Internet plays a vital role in a child’s education by increasing learning opportunities and building digital skills to prepare them for their future. Internet access matters in the digital age, and students are sure to benefit from it.