Directory Cover Contest

2023 Telephone Directory Cover Contest

Cover Contest now Closed

Pioneer Communications is conducting a contest to choose the 2023 telephone directory cover. The contest is open to anyone who receives service from Pioneer Communications or whose parent or guardian receives service.

Entries are limited to three (3) per individual, and may be a photograph that captures the uniqueness of our service area. Photos should represent how the image would look reproduced on the telephone directory.

Entry deadline has past, thank you to those who entered.

Each entry MUST be accompanied by a completed entry form

Pioneer Communications reserves the right to display and reproduce artwork after the deadline date of submission.

1st Runner Up – $100 CASH
2nd Runner Up – $50 CASH
3rd & 4th runner-up will receive a
$25 credit on their service account


Must be a Pioneer Communications customer, or live with a parent or guardian that is a customer.

Photos must be submitted in digital, jpg format or you may bring in a high quality print no smaller than 6×9 inches to any Pioneer Communications office.

Entries are limited to three (3) per individual.

Photos must be a minimum of 300 ppi resolution and at least 6×9 inches.

(Photos submitted with lower resolution will not be judged. To obtain higher resolution, change your settings on your camera or phone to a minimum of 2550 x 3300 pixels.)

Each entry MUST be accompanied by a completed entry form.

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