2017 News Archive

  • Scam Alert

    Pioneer Communications Scam Alert

    July 17, 2017

    Pioneer Communications has received multiple reports of door-to-door salespeople throughout the area that are referencing Pioneer Communications or implying they are associated with our company....

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  • Social Media Safety for Children

    Social Media Safety for Children

    July 4, 2017

    In Today’s day and age kids are growing up with social media, which can be both positive and negative. Social media for kids, as for adults, is a means for connecting with others, expressing yourself...

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  • E-mail Sent by Mistake

    June 30, 2017

    Hey Friends. We are working on a new online bill pay platform. As we were configuring it, we accidentally sent out an e-mail to a few of you stating your bill is available to view. This did come from...

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  • Landlines and all its Glory

    Landlines And All Its Glory

    June 22, 2017

    When you want to make a call, Pioneer Communications is there. You can keep it simple with just a local calling, or get all of the phone features we offer, including unlimited long distance. Pioneer...

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  • Reboot or Replace Router

    When to Reboot Your Router & When to Replace It

    May 17, 2017

    It may seem simple, but one of the easiest ways to fix a wide variety of technical issues is to simply reboot (or restart) the device, including your router. This is because routers are like small...

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  • Pioneer Communications and Foundation for Rural Service $2,500 Scholarship Recipients

    May 4, 2017

    Pioneer Communications was excited to surprise Kylee Trout of Scott City and Morgan Woelk of Tribune on Thursday, May 4th with a $2,500 scholarship. Kylee and Morgan applied for the Foundation for...

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  • Muddy Road

    Service Outage Storm Updates

    May 1, 2017

    RESTORATION UPDATE | 11:30am – 5/4/17 | As of this morning, 700+ service outages have been reported to us and over half have been restored to service. We still have 300+ on our list, and more are...

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  • Internet Speed Check

    Internet Speed Check

    March 21, 2017

    It’s a good idea to periodically check your home’s internet speed to see if it’s performing as expected. If not, you may have issues to address such as an outdated or poorly located router. Remember...

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  • Streaming Movies and TV Shows

    Beginners Guide to Streaming Movies and TV Shows

    March 21, 2017

    If you haven’t yet jumped on the streaming bandwagon, this article is for you! It covers the basics to help you get started enjoying this entertainment technology. What is streaming? Streaming is...

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  • Danger of FREE Wi-Fi

    The Danger of FREE Wi-Fi

    March 7, 2017

    With public Wi-Fi hotspots found everywhere – in coffee shops, hotels and airports – you can find plenty of places to log onto the Internet with your laptop or mobile device. But this free access...

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