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What communities and phone numbers are included in the expanded regional calling area?

Under the Pioneer Communications Advantage plan, local telephone customers are able to call more than 50 communities in 17 counties across southwestern Kansas as part of the expanded regional calling area. Calls to these areas, within the allotted minutes made available with your monthly basic service, no longer require a long distance call. Please view the Pioneer Advantage brochure for a complete list and map of communities included in the expanded calling area.

I typically place more than 4 hours of calls within the expanded regional calling area each month. Can I upgrade my service to package with more minutes?

Yes. The Advantage Standard plan that is included with your monthly basic service offers up to 4 hours of toll-free calls within the the expanded regional calling area. The Advantage Plus plan offers up to 7 hours of toll-free calls within the the expanded regional local calling area, and the Advantage Premium plan offers up to 11 hours of toll-free calls within the the expanded regional calling area. You may upgrade your service plan at any time for an additional monthly service fee.

What is the cost if I happen to use more than the allotted number of monthly minutes while making calls within the expanded regional calling area?

Additional minutes used outside of the allotted monthly packages will be charged at the affordable rate of only $0.08 per minute.

How can I tell how many minutes I have used each month?

The telephone statement you receive at the close of each month will present you with the number of expanded area calling minutes you were allotted, the number of expanded regional calling minutes that were used, and if applicable, the number of expanded area calling minutes that were used in excess of the standard allotment.

What other services or calling features are included with my basic local phone service?

Pioneer Communications’ telephone subscribers receive basic service at a rate of $18.25 per month along with a bundle of additional calling features, including Calling Number Identification, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 8-List Speed Dialing, and Voice Mail, all at no additional charge.

Is there a difference in the local phone service charge for residential, business or fax service?

No, local phone service is available to all of Pioneer Communications’ telephone customers, both residential and business lines, at the rate of $18.25 per month.  Fax lines and data lines will also be charged at the basic rate of $18.25. In the case of homes or businesses with multiple lines, each access line will be charged at $18.25.

How is service billed?

Service is provided on a month-to-month basis and begins the day service is installed. Charges for installation and one month’s service are payable when service is requested. You will be billed monthly in advance of service.

A change in services provided or location will result in a service or upgrade fee. If service is discontinued due to nonpayment , the past due charge and reconnect fee will be required to reconnect service.

Billing originates from Pioneer Communications’ headquarters office in Ulysses, Kansas. Your monthly bill contains a listing of charges, credits, payments, total amount due, and due date for payment. For more information and an explanation of the charges and fees found on your bill, please contact us at 800.308.7536.

What are the charges and fees on my bill?

The following charges may appear on your monthly Pioneer Communications Bill.

  • Access Recovery Charge: On November 18, 2011, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted significant reforms to regulations concerning the recovery of eligible telecommunications carriers’ costs of providing Interstate services and access to the telephone network. In its order the FCC authorized a new per line fee, known as an Access Recovery Charge (ARC), which became effective for Pioneer Communications’ telephone service customers in July of 2012, and is subject to change on an annual basis.
  • Basic Service: This is a basic monthly service rate for dial tone, allowing you to make and receive local (non-toll) calls. Failure to pay local service rate and applicable taxes and fees will result in disconnection and loss of service.
  • Carrier Cost Recovery Fee: This fee aids Pioneer Communications in the recovery of costs associated with providing state-to-state long distance service, including expenses for national regulatory fees; this recovery fee is not an end-user tax or charge required by the government.
  • 911 Charge: A state/local government charge to fund emergency 911 services, such as fire and rescue.
  • Federal Universal Service Charge: The federal government established national programs to support universal telephone service. This fund assists with the costs of providing “affordable” services to low-income individuals and to residents in rural, high-cost areas. In addition, Congress has expanded the program to help schools, libraries and rural health care providers obtain advanced services, such as Internet access. All providers of telecommunications services contribute to the support of these programs. The amount on your bill depends on the services you order and the number of telephone lines you have. Generally, the surcharge is applied per line. This rate may be adjusted quarterly. For more information on the Universal Service Fund, please visit the FCC website. 
  • Kansas Universal Service Fund: This is a charge applied as a percentage of your intrastate long distance toll charges mandated by the Kansas Corporation Commission to ensure all customers in rural high-cost areas of the state have access to affordable service. This charge supports the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF), which supports the Kansas Lifeline programKansas Relay ServicesTelecommunications Access Program as well as network enhancements and upgrades in rural areas. For more information on the Kansas Universal Service Fund, please visit the KCC website.
  • Federal, State and Local Taxes: These are excise and franchise taxes for telecommunications services assessed by the federal government, state of Kansas, and local cities and counties. Taxes will vary depending on your location.
  • Federal Subscriber Line Charge & Federal Subscriber Multi-Line Charge: This charge is a charge created and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that allows local phone companies to recover a portion of the costs associated with interstate access to the local phone network. The Multi-Line Charge is for individuals or businesses who have more than one line.

​You may change your long distance carrier at any time by contacting us and completing the carrier change request form. Carriers other than Pioneer will send you separate bill for long distance charges. If changing both interstate (out-of-state) and intrastate (in-state) services, both forms will need to be completed. There will be a charge for each carrier change to any number. There is no charge to initiate Pioneer Long Distance. ​

​You may contact us to change your number at any time. Changing your number may incur additional charges. 

Basic Telephone service is $18.50 per month, plus additional fees and taxes. Those additional fees include an Access Recovery Charge, Carrier Cost Recovery Fee, Federal Subscriber Line Charge, Kansas Universal Service Fund, Residential Toll Restriction and a 911 Fee. The additional taxes include, Federal, State, City, Franchise Tax (Telephone) and FUSC. All the fees and taxes combined total approximately $22.50. Therefore your total basic landline service will run approximately $41.00 per month.

If you live in our Pioneer telephone exchange area we can offer landline telephone service to you.

There’s a night-and-day difference in how 911 calls are handled between landline and cell phones. A landline call goes straight to the call center and they immediately know where you are. Help is on its way within seconds. Make a 911 call with a cell phone and it’s a different story. A number of hoops suddenly appear, through which you have to jump. You have to tell the dispatcher your address. If you are unable, they may not be able to pinpoint your location. If you’re in a high-density area like a condo or apartment complex, they have no way to pinpoint your location with a cell phone.

So, if there’s an intruder in your home, you can pick up a landline phone, call 911 and set it down. Try doing that with a cell phone, and you end up spending several minutes trying to tell the dispatcher your location.

If kids need to make an emergency call, they know exactly where the landline phone is, every time. It’s much faster and easier for them to call from a landline than a cell phone. They pick it up, dial 911, done. With a cell phone, they first have to find the cell phone, unlock it, find the calling app, dial 911, and then press send.

A woman suffered an asthma attack. Her son, only 6 years old had learned to call 911 in school. He was unable to give the dispatchers their exact address but the dispatchers knew exactly where the call was coming from and were able to locate their home quickly and save his mother’s life.

Natural Disasters
Cell towers can lose power or be damaged in a natural disaster. The cellular system also gets clogged much quicker than the landline system, so your chances of getting through on a landline are much better.

Voice quality
The quality of a conversation is much better on a landline than a cell phone. In fact, we joke amongst ourselves that, if cell phones were all we had and someone came along with a new invention called a landline, that person would be hailed as a hero, win a Nobel prize and sell his company for several billion dollars in much the same way that television went from wireless to cable.

No Power Outages – No need to keep it charged

Reliability, No Dropped Calls

If you are having trouble receiving a long distance call, please contact Pioneer Communications at 1-800-308-7536.  A trouble ticket will be entered and our telephone technicians will research the problem to find a solution.

Pioneer Communications has landline phone service for both residential and business customers.  Our phone service includes free voicemail, call waiting, three-way calling, call forwarding, 8-list speed dial and calling number ID.  There are more calling features available for a low monthly fee.  Pioneer Advantage allows each phone line 240 minutes each month free in our expanded regional calling area.  Pioneer Advantage has additional plans with more regional calling area minutes for a low monthly fee. Visit our phone page or call us at 1-800-308-7536.

Absolutely! We are phone system experts. We have multiple flexible and affordable options when it comes to business phone systems. Whether you are looking for premise based or hosted, we can provide a solution that fits your needs. To learn more or schedule a consultation with our sales engineer visit our business page.

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