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Staying in touch with family and friends in Hugoton is easy with Pioneer Communications. We provide dependable internet, phone, and cable TV services to residential and commercial clients. Hugoton area communications can be tricky given the Kansas weather so we have created a telecommunications network that stands up to everything Mother Nature might have in store. Our team is dedicated to serving our customers throughout Southwest Kansas; let us help you keep in touch.

Phone and StreamTV Services

Landline phones offer exceptional call clarity and stable connection – a must for anyone doing business in Southwest Kansas. For years Southwestern Kansas businesses have turned to Pioneer Communications for traditional phone service plans. Homeowners also benefit from having a dependable phone line; best of all, traditional phone service never needs recharged.

StreamTV packages give you the very best selection of news, entertainment, children’s programming, and more. Catch the big game on your home TV or settle down with the latest blockbuster release. StreamTV is crystal clear and very dependable.

Internet Connectivity

We offer a variety of internet service packages that suit households of different sizes and use scenarios. Households with one or two connecting devices and minimal downloads will be perfectly served by our smaller service packages. Households with many devices connected to the internet and frequent streaming service use can enjoy the support of a larger service package.

Internet service from Pioneer Communications includes:

  • Personal email account accessible from anywhere
  • A tech center to troubleshoot concerns and answer your questions

Begin Your Service From Pioneer Communications

Learn more about phone, internet, and StreamTV service packages from Pioneer Communications today; contact us today at 1.800.308.7536.


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