Privacy Policy

Our customers entrust Pioneer Communications with important information relating to their accounts. Customer information is regulated by many federal and state entities, including the Federal Communications Commissions’ regulations of CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) 47 U.S.C. § 222, and the Federal Trade Commissions’ FACT Act of 2003. Pioneer Communications will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Confidential and proprietary information includes such things as customer personal information including social security number, date of birth, or financial account numbers; and customer account information including names, addresses, billing data, and service data. Confidential and nonpublic information shall not be disclosed, including to law enforcement or government personnel, without proper authorization from the Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs.


Pioneer Communications use of customers’ personal information is collected primarily for the use of identifying customers at time of account creations, account changes, account information requests, or account terminations. Pioneer employees must authenticate customer identity at any of those defined situations. This can be done by requiring photo identification or by a Pioneer Communications employee accounting for the customer’s identity through personal knowledge. Photo Identification is a valid photo ID, which is a government-issued personal identification with a photograph such as a current driver’s license, passport or comparable ID.


Call Detail Records

Pioneer Communications employees are permitted to provide all CPNI, including customer phone call records and account information, to Owners and to Authorized Signers of the account. Pioneer requires a personal identification number (PIN) when the Owner or Authorized Signer contacts the store by phone. In the store, Owners are required to provide authentication with a photo ID. CPNI information cannot be shared with anyone other than the Owner and/or the Authorized Signer.
In some cases, Pioneer Communications can release billing detail information by mailing the information to the address of record. If the report generates a charge, the customer will be required to retrieve the report from a store location and provide photo identification. The first call detail report requested by a customer will be free of charge. Any additional call detail reports will incur a charge of $2.50 per report.
These reports DO NOT include incoming call number details in accordance with CPNI regulations. In order to retrieve call detail information that includes incoming call detail, Pioneer Communications customers must contact a local law enforcement agency and file a report. Any call detail that includes incoming call information released by subpoena, court order or as otherwise requested under the law will be released free of charge.

Text Message Detail

To retrieve text message detail, the Owner can make their request to a store employee or contact Pioneer Communications by email from the website or 800-360-7893. This report will include date, time, originating number, receiving number, and 30 days of prior text messages in-network only. The owner of the account must retrieve this report in person at a store location, provide personal identification at the time of retrieval, and pay a $25.00 query fee and pay $1.00 per page of the report.
These reports DO show the originating text number. In order to retrieve more information on the originating number, Pioneer Communications customers must contact a local law enforcement agency and file a report. Any detail about another customer’s account will be released by subpoena only. Any text detail records requests by subpoena, court order or as otherwise requested under the law will be released free of charge.


In the event of a data breach, the breach may be made public only after consultation with law enforcement if there is an urgent need to do so in order to avoid immediate and irreparable harm to the customer.
If a Red Flags warning concerns Pioneer management that a customer’s identity may have been stolen, Pioneer Communications management will notify the customer of the suspected activity and encourage the customer to contact law enforcement on their own accord. Pioneer Communications may also change security passwords on the customer account and follow CPNI regulations to notify the customer of the change; or close the existing account, open a new account, and send the new security information to the customer following CPNI regulations.

InternetPrivacy Policy

We collect information about your use of our products and services. Information such as connection records, data usage, websites visited, application and feature usage, network traffic data, service options you choose, IP and MAC address, and other similar information may be used for billing purposes, to deliver and maintain products and services, or to help you with may apply,

This information may be used for other purposes such as providing you with information about product or service enhancements, determining your eligibility for new products and services, and marketing to you based on your use of your products and services. This information may also be used to:

(1) manage and protect our networks, services and users from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses; and

(2) subject to consent practices described in this policy, help us improve our services, research and develop new products, and offer promotions and other services. This type of information may be aggregated for business and marketing uses by us or by third parties. If you subscribe to Pioneer Internet access services, we may automatically measure and monitor network performance and the performance of your Internet connection to improve your, or our, overall service levels. If you contact us for service support, we also may access information
about your computer, wireless device or other device settings to provide customized technical support or to install specific applications or services that you use or that are necessary to the applications or services you use.

Pioneer Internet will not gather information from your use of our Internet access services to direct customized advertising specifically to you based on your visits over time and across different non-Pioneer Internet websites, unless we first provide you with notice of our plan and obtain your affirmative consent.

Please note that Pioneer Internet is not responsible for information, content, applications or services provided by others. Before you access, use, link to or download a service or application on your computer or wireless device, you should review the associated terms of service and privacy policy. Personal information you submit in those contexts may be read, collected or used by the service or application provider and others associated with these forums in a manner different from that described here.

Information Provided to Us by Third Parties

When you purchase products or apply for service with us, we may obtain credit information about you from outside credit reporting agencies to help us with customer authentication and credit-related decisions.

Pioneer Internet obtains information from outside companies that collect consumer information such as demographic and interest data. We use this data and combine it with other information we have about you to help us predict customer preferences and to direct marketing offers that might be more relevant to you.

We may also obtain contact information and other marketing lead information from third parties, and may combine it with information we have to contact you or direct

Pioneer Internet’s marketing offers to you.


A cookie is a small data string that is written on your computer hard drive by a web server. (A web server is the computer that hosts a website and responds to requests received from your computer). Cookies can play an important role in providing a good customer experience using the web, such as enabling a website to maintain information when a user’s web browser requests a series of web pages. Cookies generally hold information, including data strings that contain a unique user ID which allow websites, including Pioneer Internet websites, to customize your experiences on the sites and gather information about your navigation of the sites. Information gathered from cookies also helps us understand how our sites are performing and provides website usage information to support customizing and improving our sites and their messaging and advertisements. We also use cookies to help verify the identity of a website user or to recognize you as a registered user and remember your settings and preferences.

You can manage cookies by using features and functions available on most Internet browsers. For example, most browsers will allow you to choose what cookies can be placed on your computer and to delete or disable cookies. You can find instructions for managing cookie controls on websites for particular browsers. Please note that disabling cookies may prevent you from using specific features on our sites and other websites, such as ordering products or services and maintaining an online account.

Cookies associated with your Flash Player may be removed by managing your settings with Adobe by visiting:

CNPI Statement / CALEA Compliance / Social Security Numbers

See Complete Internet Privacy Policy (PDF)