WiFi360 Frequently Asked Questions

WiFi 360 allows Pioneer to ensure that you have the strongest possible WiFi connection and can troubleshoot your connection remotely should it ever go down or experience issues. Pioneer will take care of installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance.

WiFi360 is not required; you can set up your own Wi-Fi network, but Pioneer will not be able to troubleshoot or help you with any Wi-Fi issues you may have.

With the WiFi360 service, we will ensure that your device has the most up-to-date software/firmware. When it becomes obsolete, we will replace it, and if it breaks, we will replace it as well. If you would like to manage your own network, we offer easy-to-use tools to help you do so. If you need assistance, our technical phone support is available 24/7. Our professional installation includes a full wall-to-wall coverage analysis, identification of any dead zones, and recommendations for the best solution.

Dead zones refer to areas within a Wi-Fi network where the signal is unreliable or absent. They can be minimized or eliminated by placing your router in an unobstructed location, such as on top of high furniture or in a “line of sight” location. In instances where obstructions cannot be avoided, such as between floors or around walls in large, square – foot homes, access points (also called extenders) can reduce or eliminate in-home dead zones, so you have consistently fast Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house.

Weak Wi-Fi signals can occur in large homes for many reasons, the most common being the thickness or material of walls or floors. To get stronger Wi-Fi signals in more places, use an access point. Access points extend your Wi-Fi signal, enhancing coverage to reduce dead zones and providing reliable, fast Wi-Fi throughout your home.

Access points can be wired or wireless and can be placed around your home and property, such as in the basement, garage, back patio, and shop.

The WiFi360 router is available only for a monthly rental fee to our customers. This ensures that we have the capability to upgrade the software and firmware on these devices to add functionality and protect and manage devices connected to our network. This also ensures that, as technology evolves, we are able to provide our customers with the newest and best devices in their home.

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