Teen Driving Monitoring Apps

Teen Driving Apps

Your teenager earning their driver’s license is one of the most exciting times of their lives. On the other hand, cell phone usage combined with negligent drivers give parents every right to worry. Advancement of technology has made driving apps readily available to monitor your teens driving behaviors. These apps will minimize the likelihood of your teen texting and driving, and can even help in emergency situations. 
Developed by a first responder, Autobrain alerts 911 immediately and sends responders to the exact location in the event of a crash. Other features include free lockout services, dead battery boost, emergency fuel delivery, and tire change. 
Hum by Verizon: 
Hum provides vehicle diagnostics, location sharing, speed alerts, and 24/7 roadside assistance. If the app detects a crash, it automatically notifies emergency services and sends help. While HUM is only for Verizon customers, similar products with mobile carriers include SyncUp DRIVE with T-Mobile and Sprint Drive. 
Life 360: 
This app provides weekly driving analysis including phone usage, rapid acceleration, hard braking, and excessive speed. Insights include trip information on a map that provides duration and route. It also has roadside assistance along with a crash and emergency response system. 
Mama Bear:
Set a speed limit and be notified if it’s surpassed and know when your kids are driving or riding, and where. This app allows you to set locations and receive arrival and departure notifications. As a bonus, it also features social media and text message monitoring.  
TrueMotion Family Safe Driving: 
This app tracks and scores driver’s behavior with driving reports. Your teen will be scored from 0-100 each time they get behind the wheel. A distraction score shows if your teen used their cell phone while driving. It also comes with location sharing so you know where your child is driving, providing the route and location. Not enough? 24/7 roadside assistance is also a feature. 
Apps & services may be accompanied by a fee. 

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