Your Wi-Fi router matters

Wi-Fi routers are the gateway to all the great internet things. Think of a router as a lawn sprinkler. Just as an old, clogged up sprinkler can hinder water flow no matter how big and powerful the hose, if your router is outdated, it can bottleneck your internet connection.

First off, let’s explain what the purpose of a router is. A Wi-Fi router takes your internet connection and broadcasts wireless internet throughout your home, allowing various devices to connect wirelessly. All wireless routers essentially perform the same function, but they’re not all created equal. The quality and age of your wireless router can greatly affect your experience when connected to Wi-Fi ranging from buffering, lagging, and dropped connections even though your internet connection, or water hose, is working perfectly fine.

If you have patchy coverage, trouble connecting, dead-zones, or your Wi-Fi stops, it’s time to consider a different type of Wi-Fi solution -our solution. WiFi360 router runs circles around the rest. Literally. Expect 360 degrees of Wi-Fi to cover your entire home so you can experience the most advanced Wi-Fi bandwidth throughout .

When you subscribe to Wifi360, a Pioneer technician will visit your home to determine the best possible location for your router and install it at no cost to you. We’ll manage it from there and push software and security updates so your Wi-Fi is always running at peak performance. If it ever malfunctions or breaks, we will replace it at no cost to you. You’ll also be able to manage your Wi-Fi network through an app on your smartphone allowing you to add guest networks, manage connected devices, run a speed test, or change your password all from your smartphone.

And just like that, you’ve upped your game with some of the best Wi-Fi there is.

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