It Pays to Advertise with Pioneer Communications

We’ve got Southwest Kansas covered! Deliver your business’ message or personal message to homes across the region.

  • Impact: The direct visual impact of television advertising is consistently measured as the most powerful medium to deliver your message, exceeding the appeal of print or radio with the combined force of imagery and/or audio.
  • Quality:  Your business deserves the best medium to reach your new and existing customers. Our very own professionals in video production and distribution enhance your message and ensure that it is delivered at the highest quality.

We have two forms of advertising at Pioneer Communications. One is through a local community channel known as SWKS info. SWKS info is a one page frame with text only that runs for 15 seconds on Channel 1. The other is local video advertising. Local video advertising is a 30 second commercial with video and audio. Local video advertising is the most effective and affordable way to advertise your business! With video advertising you are able to target your local audience in a direct way on quality networks on Pioneer Communications: A&E, CNN, ESPN, Fox News, Discovery, HGTV, and much more to choose from.